The Essence of Survival First Aid Kits


Camping has grown in popularity as a form of outdoor recreation. With that selfsame rising fame, the demand for outdoor camping equipment has risen over the years, providing campers with essential camping equipment. Among the more essential of camping outdoor equipment types which are widely available, aside from the proverbial camping tent and outdoor sleeping bag, would be survival first aid kits.


Survival first aid kits are quite essential camping items, as these items could actually save campers from serious infections, serious injury, even saving people from injuries which could result to death. As anything could happen, bad and good, during a camping trip, survival first aid kits come in as first aid resources, while waiting for the proper medical recourses a situation may demand from.


There really isn’t an exact “formula” defining the ideal of survival first aid kits, except for the fact that survival first aid kits should bear the most basic of medical supplies, as well as specific medical items determined by the user’s condition, should such there be a case.


There are lots of commercially marketed survival first aid kits out in the market, containing the essential of medical supplies persons could possibly need in case of an emergency. Creating one’s own survival first aid kit also stands to be no different from purchasing a pre-set one.


Here are some of the items often found useful in many survival first aid kits: bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, iodine pads or iodine prep pads, alcohol pads or alcohol prep pads, butterfly bandages, medical adhesive tape, pain relievers from aspirin to non-aspirin.


Though not often included, these items could also be added into survival first aid kits: Larger bandages with adhesive properties, ammonia inhalants or smelling salts, sterile pads of various sizes, Ace-type bandages for sprains, gauze rolls, thermometer, snake bit poison extractors, safety pins, latex gloves, burn ointments, antiseptic towels, anti-itch ointments, sun screen, eye drops and diarrhea medication.


For more advanced survival first aid kits, these items could be commonly found: special bandages with conforming properties, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, scissors, forceps, scalpels, hemostats, sterile sutures, would probes, mouth-to-mouth shields, instant cold Prep pads, Antihistamine, cold medication, first aid guides, surgical guides, splint making materials and even dental tools.


Should campers require specific medication, adding that, along with the abovementioned medical supplies would make one’s survival first aid kit quite effective should emergencies happen.


All in all, be one making his/her own survival first aid kit, or pick one made for such purpose, survival first aid kits are essential items when out camping.


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