Hello You!
My name is Victoria, I have a lot of statuses and one of them is a wife and a mother of two playful boys.  There were weekends where they played all days, all the day on the iPhone, PlayStation and watched TV. When you would forbid them to do so, they were going crazy! I would suggest that they go outside to a playground, but they did not want to, saying it was boring.
One day I found a compass in our house, this thing helped me to get them out of the house! Hey, that was great! Time passed quickly and we all enjoyed. During this day  I explained to them that there are hikers who go to the forests, walk a lot, sleep in tents and compass helps them reach goals and not get lost. From that day on, they repeated their request to go on a trip with a tent. Who Meee?? A trip with a tent? Sleep not in my bed? Outdoor toilet?? NEVER!!!
I love the comfort and the cleanliness in homes or hotels.  Camping for me was something scary and absolutely undesirable furthermore with kids.
Today, two years later we ’re going camping regularly! And we all enjoy, YES, including me!
This site is for you, who are afraid of what and how it will be out there, furthermore with kids. There are full advantages of going camping with our kids, a lot of wonderful places and many camping gear that makes the outdoor a comfort and fun place to be.
You will find here tips, life hacks, places and products for comfort trips.
I appreciate you visiting our site and taking a look around. Please feel free to send me an email to info@fcfamilycamp.com.
I'd love to hear from you. 
Best Wishes
Victoria from Family Camping with Fun & Comfort